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It's About…Reconnecting

What do you remember about life before wireless connections?  I love new technology and getting devices to do all the tricks of a James Bond movie.  Apps, widgets, RSS feeds, photo/file sharing, uploading/downloading are awesome when they just work.  However, computer repair and troubleshooting test my patience.  Last week, my Internet provider suggested that my wireless router was not functioning properly.  A social media business can't live too long without a connection so we selected a new router and went about reconnecting every device in the house.  My daughter's Nook, a Wii that gets Netflix movies, and 3 laptops (2 PC and a Mac) were lined up for their new set of instructions.  Miraculously, we eventually got them all to connect and realized how long we'd lived without them working flawlessly.  

While waiting for the "testing connection" to finish, Mike and I started questioning how someone started making all of these sets of numbers and mechanics function.  We didn't imagine that the first router would be cranking out Facebook and Twitter feeds, connecting to a library of books (Nook), streaming movies through a videogame device, and serving as a phone when we Skype relatives.  We also took a moment to laugh about how little the Palm Pilot really did (calendars and note-taking), how our first cell phone only stored three numbers, and how our daughter never seems to get involved in the drama of making this stuff work.  It was a time to reconnect our past with our future and leave us wondering what our next router will be doing.  

If you had to reconnect your house or business, what would you laugh about to break the tension of getting it all to work?