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It’s About…Waiting

"Waiting is the hardest part" sings Tom Petty as I sit on a bench, in a car, at the store, by the phone or even online.  I've inherited the gene for impatience.  I'm prone to giving a suggestion to improve a system, inclined to try to help to keep things moving, and I'll attempt to multitask at any moment.  My frustration will peak when I get no response from someone.  What drives you crazy while waiting?

Waiting is detrimental to marketing, developing business and managing clients. Business owners cannot sit by the door and wait for customers, wait for a better price, or wait for the economy to turn around.  Most importantly, you cannot wait to get the training your business needs for today's economy.  Thinking that you will get around to marketing and training someday is really just waiting for failure.  

Today's technology enables businesses to socialize the marketing of their products and services.  Customers are also starting to research comments and reviews of your products and services online. They want a response from your business or may not consider your business if you do not have an online presence.  Smartphones, apps, social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc), photos, video, and file sharing are all ways for customers to shorten the wait to get answers about the products and prices they are considering.  What is your business doing to ensure that you can deliver a product or service without the customer feeling like they are waiting for you?