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It's about…tables

     Dining, Kitchen, Coffee, Pool, Foosball, Poker, Pivot…these are the tables where you will find business being done today.  Conference tables may be the key feature of any board room yet they often sit empty while the real work occurs at the same places friends and family gather for celebrations and serious talks.  Homework at the table is not just for the kids.  Kitchen table entrepreneurs are increasingly popular as blog topics and websites yet long-time, successful business owners would tell you they have always existed.  

     At a table in Wall, SD a cocktail napkin launched the original idea for KnowTECH Training.  That idea of "what if we could…" has been evolving since that summer day in 2007.  Social Media is no where to be found within that original idea.  Facebook, Twitter, LInkedin, YouTube, Blogging, even digital photos or "smartphone" were not  really part of our vocabulary and there STILL is a lot to learn. Everyday the increase of mobile technology, cloud computing, wi-fi devices, and apps causes businesses like mine to evolve in their marketing and training techniques.

     KnowTECH can help you ease the fear of social media, the "waste of time" thinking, and the "I don't have time" mentality.   If you are still unsure where your seat is at the table, it's time for your business to grab a napkin or chair at the table and say "what if we…"