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It’s about…Clouds

Clouds, the kind you can’t see yet everyone is talking about using.  Using a cloud, you ask???  Yes, computing clouds, cloud computing!  Someone asked me to explain what this is and what it means to clients, businesses, and technology.   Cloud computing is the idea of using an internet service for your software, hardware, storage and service needs.
To give some simple analogies-think of:
paper vs. online banking statement
cd vs. music download
cash vs. debit card
VHS tape/DVD vs. YouTube
Postal mail vs. email
Photos in an album to Facebook photos
You start to imagine moving from something you hold in your hand to something you use electronically,  something that is shared and stored in a location that is not necessary close to you.

Most of us are already using these clouds for Facebook sharing, webmail services, and maybe banking yet we may still be suspicious of the privacy and security that surround these clouds.   Fear of identity theft and lack of confidence using technology keep many people from joining these clouds or even participating in social media.  Security and having to learn to share information might be seen as a disadvantage of cloud computing.  The millennial generation has become accustomed to sharing everything at anytime and those of other generations are still cautious about privacy; bridging that gap will just take time.  The advantage of cloud computing include collaboration on projects, immediate and constant availability, access to a worldwide network of expertise, and an opportunity to bring the generation together to learn from one another.  So go ahead, live with your head in the CLOUDS!