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It’s about…Sharing!

As a kid, May Day baskets were recycled from strawberry or  milk cartons Mom would save for weeks.  We didn’t have the Internet to research why we did this or how the tradition began.  Mom just said “it is what we do on May Day” and it seemed like fun to spend a few hours decorating with crayons, yarn, beads and candy.   Then, they were delivered or exchanged with a few neighborhood kids.   As we’ve become more technological and less directly connected to our neighborhoods, I think the tradition has faded.
Balancing tradition and personalized touches while incorporating technology or social media is  a new step for all of us, personally and in business.   The key is a willingness to SHARE relevant and meaningful content in a timely manner (May Day baskets had to be delivered on May 1st!).  There is a new shift in sharing.  Traditionally in business, if you had read a great article or found a key piece of information you might have strategically kept it to yourself or shared with a few colleagues for your gain.  However, the trend now, is for businesses to share as much information as possible to be seen as an expert or as having expertise in a field.
This week, the tweet that really caught my eye was a new definition for KISS.    The acronym K.I.S.S had traditionally been Keep It Simple Sweetie/Stupid, now it is Keep It Significant & Shareable.  KnowTECH encourages our clients to start linking or mentioning the people they do business with regularly or locally, to create alliances with people in similar businesses, and to share quality content regularly.  You don’t have to know how this tradition began, you just need to participate.

Significant and Shareable, great words to live by in our electronic age.  Happy May Day!