It’s Who I am…

I’m Brenda Lynch
I make lists for everything
My phone is loaded with apps
I love any movie with gadgets-James Bond, IronMan, Mission Impossible, etc…
Yoga is the only exercise I really like
Flower gardens are awesome
Facebook, Twitter, coffee, and dark beer are my addictions
I travel as often as possible
Spanish-speaker (by choice not by birth)
You will find me in the sun whenever possible
I’ve owned and ridden Quarter Horses all of my life (except for Daisy, the Shetland pony we all rode at the farm!)
Proud of teaching in an inner-city high school and a rural high school for 20 years
I have a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology
I slay at Boggle and word games but HATE to play cards
Pandora radio may be confused by my wide variety of favorites
I suggest Groupon specials to my friends and am proud to shop at clearance racks
A voodoo doll once jumped off my desk
Slow eaters drive me insane (mostly my in-laws)
Phone calls slow me down-just text, twitter, or FB if you need me
Being late makes me crabby
I “worked hard for the money” at the B&G Milkyway
Turquoise jewelry fascinates me
I’m a great cook and a terrible baker-I’m too creative/ADD to follow a recipe
Wit and sarcasm are not the same thing but they both can make me laugh


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