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It’s About…Rummage

After watching the footage of Joplin tornado devastation, I wondered what our family would really need to save in an emergency. Mike and I once moved to Racine, Wi in a small U-haul trailer, moved back to SD in a U-haul truck, and since then can’t think of how we’d move all of our stuff ever again!   So, we’ve had a rummage sale almost ever year since becoming homeowners and parents yet perpetually more things I once thought I needed I’ve come to realize I don’t.

Simplify was the theme of this year’s clean out!  Would I really need this or go looking for this after a tornado?  Oddly enough, Monday night the weather radio went off and in the middle of this huge mess my family gathered in the newfound space created by the impending rummage sale.  It became even more apparent that we were blessed with abundance and very few “things” really mattered, especially those relegated to the basement.  However, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure-most of our first items in that first u-haul trailer were once “rummage”!

What does this have to do with social media?  Two important points-Simplify and be social!  First, Decide what is really important to simply share with others.  Second, don’t worry about what leaves your door, just what you allow to come back in to your life!

It's About…Questions???

Is the DVR the greatest invention of the 21st century?  Why do I sometimes forget that I can skip commercials?  How did that  damn Miracle Whip catch me off guard tonight? Does every decade need to create an age-old marketing question that makes us choose sides?  Mayo or Miracle Whip?  Coke or Pepsi?  Boxers or Briefs?  Got Milk?  Where's the beef?  

Why do these capture our attention yet when I ask a legitimate question on Facebook or Twitter I get ZERO responses sometimes?  What makes us respond to real people in the real world?  

How do you FEEL when you see this many questions?  Confused?  Threatened?  Amused? 

Anybody care to comment??

It’s about…Sharing!

As a kid, May Day baskets were recycled from strawberry or  milk cartons Mom would save for weeks.  We didn’t have the Internet to research why we did this or how the tradition began.  Mom just said “it is what we do on May Day” and it seemed like fun to spend a few hours decorating with crayons, yarn, beads and candy.   Then, they were delivered or exchanged with a few neighborhood kids.   As we’ve become more technological and less directly connected to our neighborhoods, I think the tradition has faded.
Balancing tradition and personalized touches while incorporating technology or social media is  a new step for all of us, personally and in business.   The key is a willingness to SHARE relevant and meaningful content in a timely manner (May Day baskets had to be delivered on May 1st!).  There is a new shift in sharing.  Traditionally in business, if you had read a great article or found a key piece of information you might have strategically kept it to yourself or shared with a few colleagues for your gain.  However, the trend now, is for businesses to share as much information as possible to be seen as an expert or as having expertise in a field.
This week, the tweet that really caught my eye was a new definition for KISS.    The acronym K.I.S.S had traditionally been Keep It Simple Sweetie/Stupid, now it is Keep It Significant & Shareable.  KnowTECH encourages our clients to start linking or mentioning the people they do business with regularly or locally, to create alliances with people in similar businesses, and to share quality content regularly.  You don’t have to know how this tradition began, you just need to participate.

Significant and Shareable, great words to live by in our electronic age.  Happy May Day!

It’s About…Prom

Prom, the Springtime dance season held in nearly all communities (unless you live in the “Footloose” city). Is this a rite or passage or archaic ritual? An unnecessary expense or a youthful splurge? A gathering of classmates or a collection of cliques? Ok, who am I to question such an engrained high school tradition and what does this have to do with business, right?
Well, today businesses have to ask such questions about their marketing strategies. You can’t forget the traditional print ad yet who reads it (subscriptions are down), the radio spot but who listens (Sirius and XM), TV commercials yet who watches (DVR and YouTube), social media yet who wants business pages on their personal sites? These, like Prom, are age-old marketing questions.
Sometimes businesses blindly follow tradition. They take out ads randomly, spend unwisely to look glamorous and attempt social media without asking their date (audience) what they would like to do. KnowTECH Training likes to question the purpose and plan you are currently using. To make social media practical and profitable, you do need a purpose and a plan. Your business needs to balance tradition and spending, rituals and rites of passage, aiming for a memorable event not bad date that leaves you wondering what you were thinking. Social media is the young and emerging event, so don’t be a wallflower, join the party!

It’s about…Sprouts

Social media and gardening are a couple of my favorite things. So you can imagine why I was drawn to a website for Sprout Social. They claim to combine my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds and evaluate social media usage. Since my garden needs more attention, I decided to utilize their free trial offer to see if I really could save time and sprout some new customers. I really like the simple setup, their evaluation of my social skills, and easy user interface. They tell me my influence is good (I do try to interact with and follow my fans) and yet my engagement is low (so sometimes my people are too busy to respond to my stuff-I get that). I think that my customers will also like this more affordable site for social media management and I will recommend it as part of their practical social media strategy. Hopefully, everything will be coming up GREEN!

It’s about…Education

Education!  A whole new world of social media to learn, explore, discuss, create, like, follow, comment, develop, innovate, invigorate, watch, see, irritate, initiate, surf, upload, download, click, buy, sell, exchange, subscribe, send, read, write, listen, speak, compare, prepare…

What would you add??