It’s About…Tennis

Our calendar revolves around a tennis schedule.  Wimbledon and the Opens have nothing on what happens on local courts.  Sportsmanship mandates this is a quiet sport; no yelling, no name-calling or even referees.  Kids quickly learn to make their own calls fairly and parents are expected to follow this etiquette.  Even more unusual, competitors are encouraged to clap when their opponent makes a good shot, a “let” (re-do) is called if there is any shot in question and if you miss the first serve you can try again.  This is a lifetime sport played as individuals (singles), doubles or mixed doubles (men and women actually playing on the same team)!  Eternal friendships develop from a diverse group of people from around the world.  Many people claim they can’t understand the rules or the scoring yet they become mesmerized in watching a great match.

Social media is tennis in every sense of the game.  It begins as a simple back and forth among friends and can evolve into a great match for your business.

The rules are simple and understandable:

-Play regularly, play fairly and play with style.  Start with the basics and add some shots when you’re ready.  Maybe start on Facebook, then add Twitter or read blogs and start to comment before writing your own blog.

-If you need a lesson, find a good coach.

-You are encouraged to cheer for others.  In social media, this means thanking the businesses that play with you, retweet or mention those that are your friends, and share quality content that can help everyone.

-If you miss on the first serve, keep trying.  Some people worry about not having a huge following or many commenters.  This mean you just need to keep trying and you will eventually see results.  Even the unseeded players can move up the ranks!

Like tennis courts, social media can be found almost anywhere from small town parks to international professional venues.  Don’t pretend you can’t learn the game.

About brendalynch21

I am an experienced corporate trainer with practical and profitable strategies for customer service, sales, privacy/security and social media. My experience in healthcare and the public sector allows me to design efficient and effective training.

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