It's About…Guests

A few Tour De Kota riders were guests in our home last night.  Even after a long ride they added laughter, friendship, and great music discussions to our lives.  They remind me how easy it is to find things in common when you open your doors to an old friend.  As the night went along, Patrick and I laughed about people we knew in our youth, Mark and I discuss our Richman-Gordman days, and everyone added stories as the lyrics of our favorite music reminded us we all had something to add to the conversation.  They arrived as guests and left as friends. 

Although our hometowns, professions, and hobbies all differ, social media finds a way to tie us together as new friends.  I tagged their team photo on Facebook, Patrick made a blog post with video and photos, and Mark is starting to Twitter.   Social media can find ways to keep us together yet it is extremely important  to keep you door open to socialize in person.  This is true in business as well, clients will start to like your business Facebook or Twitter yet you will need to invite them to come through your door and treat them as guests when they arrive.Tour De Kota Take-off

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I am an experienced corporate trainer with practical and profitable strategies for customer service, sales, privacy/security and social media. My experience in healthcare and the public sector allows me to design efficient and effective training.

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