It's About…Efficiency

Efficient, Proficient, Sufficient, Ancient…(if you need more -cient ending words you can use this Word By Letter site).  Most of us struggle with the idea of using technology in the most efficient way.  In April, I decided I needed a better way to manage my Facebook (personal and business), Twitter, LinkedIn,  WordPress Blog, YouTube Channel, Yelp, Manta, Google Profile, Bing map sites (and I'm sure I'll remember a few more just after I hit send).  Keeping my clients practical and profitable was starting to seem less than efficient in my own life!

In April, I tested three sites that claim to help integrate and manage the social media mayhem.  I found these three (Sprout Social, Postling, Post Rank ) to be affordable and easy to manage.  Each site had its forté.  Sprout Social had easy graphics and basic stats (yet only monitored three social sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), Postling allowed to post information to multiple sites easily, and Post Rank provided the deepest analytics.  For the time being I am choosing to stick with Postling because I find it most efficient for what I currently need and the free version is working well.  I may recommend the others to my clients based on what they are looking to do in their social media marketing plans.

Free  versions are most economically efficient yet I am planning to upgrade ($9/month) so that I can receive instant alerts when I receive a comment  on any of my sites (being timely in critical to social media), I can have more detailed analytics and can keyword search to keep an eye on my brand or competitor.

I will keep you posted (or should I say Postlinged) as to how efficient this site really is over the course of time.  Like most tech innovations, this site too shall pass when something more EFFICIENT comes along.  



About brendalynch21

I am an experienced corporate trainer with practical and profitable strategies for customer service, sales, privacy/security and social media. My experience in healthcare and the public sector allows me to design efficient and effective training.

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