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It's About…Collaboration!

     It was so energizing to work with Prairie Repertory Theater yesterday.  I loved seeing a costume drawing turning into a dress to be worn by an actor turning themselves into a character in a production with a theater company whose 41 year history is widely known in South Dakota!  No part of this organization was working in isolation.  They rely on one another for ideas, inspiration and growth. This is a perfect collaboration model for social media.

      Social media allows you to take the stage to gain the ideas and reviews of others, to spotlight your personality or that of your company, to share photos and videos of your live performance.  You don't have to be an expert to play a role in getting started with social marketing.  See what others are doing in your field or take the lead in adding a Facebook fan page or a profile to LinkedIn, read a twitter feed, and most importantly collaborate for a spectacular production!

It's about…tables

     Dining, Kitchen, Coffee, Pool, Foosball, Poker, Pivot…these are the tables where you will find business being done today.  Conference tables may be the key feature of any board room yet they often sit empty while the real work occurs at the same places friends and family gather for celebrations and serious talks.  Homework at the table is not just for the kids.  Kitchen table entrepreneurs are increasingly popular as blog topics and websites yet long-time, successful business owners would tell you they have always existed.  

     At a table in Wall, SD a cocktail napkin launched the original idea for KnowTECH Training.  That idea of "what if we could…" has been evolving since that summer day in 2007.  Social Media is no where to be found within that original idea.  Facebook, Twitter, LInkedin, YouTube, Blogging, even digital photos or "smartphone" were not  really part of our vocabulary and there STILL is a lot to learn. Everyday the increase of mobile technology, cloud computing, wi-fi devices, and apps causes businesses like mine to evolve in their marketing and training techniques.

     KnowTECH can help you ease the fear of social media, the "waste of time" thinking, and the "I don't have time" mentality.   If you are still unsure where your seat is at the table, it's time for your business to grab a napkin or chair at the table and say "what if we…"  

It's About…Questions???

Is the DVR the greatest invention of the 21st century?  Why do I sometimes forget that I can skip commercials?  How did that  damn Miracle Whip catch me off guard tonight? Does every decade need to create an age-old marketing question that makes us choose sides?  Mayo or Miracle Whip?  Coke or Pepsi?  Boxers or Briefs?  Got Milk?  Where's the beef?  

Why do these capture our attention yet when I ask a legitimate question on Facebook or Twitter I get ZERO responses sometimes?  What makes us respond to real people in the real world?  

How do you FEEL when you see this many questions?  Confused?  Threatened?  Amused? 

Anybody care to comment??

It's About…Efficiency

Efficient, Proficient, Sufficient, Ancient…(if you need more -cient ending words you can use this Word By Letter site).  Most of us struggle with the idea of using technology in the most efficient way.  In April, I decided I needed a better way to manage my Facebook (personal and business), Twitter, LinkedIn,  WordPress Blog, YouTube Channel, Yelp, Manta, Google Profile, Bing map sites (and I'm sure I'll remember a few more just after I hit send).  Keeping my clients practical and profitable was starting to seem less than efficient in my own life!

In April, I tested three sites that claim to help integrate and manage the social media mayhem.  I found these three (Sprout Social, Postling, Post Rank ) to be affordable and easy to manage.  Each site had its forté.  Sprout Social had easy graphics and basic stats (yet only monitored three social sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), Postling allowed to post information to multiple sites easily, and Post Rank provided the deepest analytics.  For the time being I am choosing to stick with Postling because I find it most efficient for what I currently need and the free version is working well.  I may recommend the others to my clients based on what they are looking to do in their social media marketing plans.

Free  versions are most economically efficient yet I am planning to upgrade ($9/month) so that I can receive instant alerts when I receive a comment  on any of my sites (being timely in critical to social media), I can have more detailed analytics and can keyword search to keep an eye on my brand or competitor.

I will keep you posted (or should I say Postlinged) as to how efficient this site really is over the course of time.  Like most tech innovations, this site too shall pass when something more EFFICIENT comes along.  


It’s about…Sharing!

As a kid, May Day baskets were recycled from strawberry or  milk cartons Mom would save for weeks.  We didn’t have the Internet to research why we did this or how the tradition began.  Mom just said “it is what we do on May Day” and it seemed like fun to spend a few hours decorating with crayons, yarn, beads and candy.   Then, they were delivered or exchanged with a few neighborhood kids.   As we’ve become more technological and less directly connected to our neighborhoods, I think the tradition has faded.
Balancing tradition and personalized touches while incorporating technology or social media is  a new step for all of us, personally and in business.   The key is a willingness to SHARE relevant and meaningful content in a timely manner (May Day baskets had to be delivered on May 1st!).  There is a new shift in sharing.  Traditionally in business, if you had read a great article or found a key piece of information you might have strategically kept it to yourself or shared with a few colleagues for your gain.  However, the trend now, is for businesses to share as much information as possible to be seen as an expert or as having expertise in a field.
This week, the tweet that really caught my eye was a new definition for KISS.    The acronym K.I.S.S had traditionally been Keep It Simple Sweetie/Stupid, now it is Keep It Significant & Shareable.  KnowTECH encourages our clients to start linking or mentioning the people they do business with regularly or locally, to create alliances with people in similar businesses, and to share quality content regularly.  You don’t have to know how this tradition began, you just need to participate.

Significant and Shareable, great words to live by in our electronic age.  Happy May Day!