Daily Archives: April 23, 2011

It’s About…Charity

My Easter baskets are overflowing and the abundance in my life sometimes leaves me guilty.  As the Easter rituals of my family are prepared, I took my normal nighttime Facebook break.  My attention was quickly drawn to a Facebook Ad I could not resist due to my Lutheran and rural heritage.  For $10 to God’s Global Barnyard (an ELCA Charity), I could donate 10 chick to a family in poverty who could eat or sell these eggs.  What better gifts than one that gives life, health, and happiness.  I know the happiness of picking up springtime chicks and riding with them in the backseat on the trip to my grandparent’s farm.  Peeping, yellow, fuzzy babies who quickly turn to a coop full of chickens with eggs to help Grandma pick, clean, pack and sell.

Facebook ad can appeal to specific audiences, that is how the ELCA found me.  I am grateful their ad was a great reminder to me to give charitably, humbly, and regularly.  Happy Easter!