Monthly Archives: April 2011

It’s About…Charity

My Easter baskets are overflowing and the abundance in my life sometimes leaves me guilty.  As the Easter rituals of my family are prepared, I took my normal nighttime Facebook break.  My attention was quickly drawn to a Facebook Ad I could not resist due to my Lutheran and rural heritage.  For $10 to God’s Global Barnyard (an ELCA Charity), I could donate 10 chick to a family in poverty who could eat or sell these eggs.  What better gifts than one that gives life, health, and happiness.  I know the happiness of picking up springtime chicks and riding with them in the backseat on the trip to my grandparent’s farm.  Peeping, yellow, fuzzy babies who quickly turn to a coop full of chickens with eggs to help Grandma pick, clean, pack and sell.

Facebook ad can appeal to specific audiences, that is how the ELCA found me.  I am grateful their ad was a great reminder to me to give charitably, humbly, and regularly.  Happy Easter!

It’s About…Prom

Prom, the Springtime dance season held in nearly all communities (unless you live in the “Footloose” city). Is this a rite or passage or archaic ritual? An unnecessary expense or a youthful splurge? A gathering of classmates or a collection of cliques? Ok, who am I to question such an engrained high school tradition and what does this have to do with business, right?
Well, today businesses have to ask such questions about their marketing strategies. You can’t forget the traditional print ad yet who reads it (subscriptions are down), the radio spot but who listens (Sirius and XM), TV commercials yet who watches (DVR and YouTube), social media yet who wants business pages on their personal sites? These, like Prom, are age-old marketing questions.
Sometimes businesses blindly follow tradition. They take out ads randomly, spend unwisely to look glamorous and attempt social media without asking their date (audience) what they would like to do. KnowTECH Training likes to question the purpose and plan you are currently using. To make social media practical and profitable, you do need a purpose and a plan. Your business needs to balance tradition and spending, rituals and rites of passage, aiming for a memorable event not bad date that leaves you wondering what you were thinking. Social media is the young and emerging event, so don’t be a wallflower, join the party!

It’s about…Sprouts

Social media and gardening are a couple of my favorite things. So you can imagine why I was drawn to a website for Sprout Social. They claim to combine my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds and evaluate social media usage. Since my garden needs more attention, I decided to utilize their free trial offer to see if I really could save time and sprout some new customers. I really like the simple setup, their evaluation of my social skills, and easy user interface. They tell me my influence is good (I do try to interact with and follow my fans) and yet my engagement is low (so sometimes my people are too busy to respond to my stuff-I get that). I think that my customers will also like this more affordable site for social media management and I will recommend it as part of their practical social media strategy. Hopefully, everything will be coming up GREEN!

It’s about…Maps

When was the last time you used a paper map or had folding frustration? I’m not talking about maybe printing off directions from Google Maps or Mapquest, I mean the actual folded variety or atlas. As a kid I remember going with my mom to the local AAA office for maps and tour guides for our great family vacations. It was so exciting to see the highlighted route and learn how far we would be going. My dad would also get out the South Dakota map and quiz us for cities we should know from our home state. I still giggle when I say Athol, SD. Since I’m sure you just went out to check if Athol, SD is a real place, I prove my point about how seldom we use the paper map and if we will ever need them again.
While Google Maps and GPS devices are fascinating, they are also critical to doing business today. Did you know that you can (and really should, IMO) claim your business on Google places (and most other e-maps). This allows you to move that cute little peg or avatar to the actual driveway or parking area of your business! As consumers rely more on GPS and Internet maps to guide them to their “destination ahead”, “on the left/right”, they expect it to be accurate. We have to remember that very few people of today’s generation want a paper map or even know how to fold one!!